Weight Watchers’ DJ Khaled #freestyle Social Media Campaign Review

For my COMM 315 class at BYU-I, I chose to review Weight Watchers’ #freestyle Social Media Campaign featuring DJ Khaled.


On January 1, 2018, Weight Watchers named producer and recording artist DJ Khaled their Social Media Ambassador and launched a #freestyle campaign featuring the artist and his attempts to shift to a healthier eating lifestyle through Weight Watchers. The campaign utilized Twitter, Instagram and Facebook social media platforms, but Khaled can also be followed on SnapChat (@dkhaled305).

Freestyle eating is a new type of eating plan Weight Watchers introduced at the end of 2017 featuring their brand ambassador Oprah Winfrey.


The objective of the campaign is to increase Weight Watchers customer base and brand recognition. Using DJ Khaled as an ambassador reaches a different audience than Oprah.

Both DJ Khaled and Oprah’s campaign introducing the new Freestyle eating program and utilize #freestyle and #wwfreestyle

What the campaign does well:

VALUE PRINCIPLE (the value people receive):

Users receive value in that they see DJ Khaled and his family behind the scene attempting to follow the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan, and their struggles and triumphs, particularly given DJ is very over weight. This isn’t someone who only needs to lose a few pounds, this is someone who needs to make a lasting lifestyle change. That, I believe, is of value to users who might also need or want to do the same.

PRINCIPLE OF LEAST RESISTANCE (the payoff has to be worth the effort):

DJ’s posts and videos are all short and to the point. Most of DJ’s followers are not there to hear about Weight Watchers, so these short bursts of information do not take away from DJ’s personal brand.

DJ Khaled for #wwfreestyle campaign, weight watchers #wwfreestyle campaign, weight watchers DJ Khaled social media
DJ Khaled short burst of info for #wwfreestyle campaign

ZEITGEIST PRINCIPLE (understanding how different people from different backgrounds think and feel):

Because DJ knows first hand the struggles of being overweight and trying to lose weight and eat healthier, he has empathy with users. He knows how they think and feel, because he thinks and feels the same. In this way, he is a strong ambassador for Weight Watchers.

ATTENTION PRINCIPE (everyone wants to be recognized and validated):

Users can be recognized and validated by using #wwfreestyle or #freestyle to share their struggles and successes. This gives them validation and recognition from others following these hashtags. Also, DJ Khaled has 9.1 million Instagram followers, nearly 3.5 million Facebook likes/followers, and 3.95 million Twitter followers, so his postings about Weight Watchers bring attention to the brand.

STORY PRINCIPLE (our stories connect us with each other):

The campaign utilizes stories to create interest. You follow DJ’s progress and watch videos of his struggles and triumphs. Those stories and images remain with the user.

DJ Khaled #wwfreestyle Instragram Story, weight watchers #wwfreestyle, #freestyle, DJ Khaled dancing
DJ Khaled #wwfreestyle Instragram Story

What they do poorly:

PRINCIPLE OF EXPECTATION (expectations are met, not met, or exceed):

I do not feel they manage expectations. Once you discover the idea of Weight Watchers freestyle and you go to that website to sign up or find out more, the campaign falls apart. It is impossible to find out the cost of the program without signing up for the program. To me, this is a major flaw. I want to know what it will cost me and how it works before I hand over my credit card details.


It appears the hashtag was not thought through. In some instances, #freestyle or #freestyling is used, in other cases, it is #wwfreestyle. When you search for #freestyle and #freestyling on Facebook, the first several things that come up are related to rap music. There is a #freestyling Facebook page with 6273 members, but in most cases, the hashtags to not work well on this platform. On Twitter, all three were again utilized by users, so it was confusing to decide which to use and follow.


For me, the campaign was very successful in enlarging brand recognition through DJ Khaled’s multi-million followers. However, no matter how strong the campaign, if it is difficult to purchase the product, the brand loses sales. Thus, I feel the second part of the campaign fell short because the website made it difficult to find costs and discover the details for the program. Lastly, the campaign seems to twittered out; DJ started out strong, but there is nothing about a conclusion, like he reached a goal. It seems he just fell off the program–that’s not good for the brand.

DJ Khaled Facebook Post for Weight Watchers' #wwfreestyle campaign
DJ Khaled Facebook Post for Weight Watchers’ #wwfreestyle campaign



4 Replies to “Weight Watchers’ DJ Khaled #freestyle Social Media Campaign Review”

  1. This is one I’ve seen everywhere with it being the new year. Your webpage is awesome with your actual name and the design and layout are clean and easy to read. You have a great way of sharing each principle thoroughly I am impressed with your analysis. Using celebrities to a brand adds exposure to people that normally wouldn’t consider Weight Watchers. It especially appeals to men and then the play on their word choice with Freestyle and his profession. I noticed inconsistencies in the hashtags I found too. I sometimes wonder if it’s people that previously used that for something else that they were capitalizing on that existing category. This is something many can relate to good choice.

  2. Thank you, Julie, for coming to my site to read my post for our COMM 315 class. I truly appreciate your kind comments about my site.
    Excellent point about how using DJ Khaled as a spokesperson pulls in male demographics. I hadn’t thought of that; good point. I also had not thought of the play on his profession and freestyle (another good catch). I honestly didn’t know who he was, until I asked my son 26-year-old son, who went on and on about him. You are probably right, about the different hashtags not coming from the campaign, but from users mixing them up.
    Thank you again for your comments, you helped me see more aspects of this campaign I had missed.

  3. That was an interesting social media campaign. I think it works well because of the icon they used and the principles you discussed, but the Story Principal only works so well if there’s no ending to the story. What happened to him since then? How long did it work out? It’s interesting that he had a personal chef and if the chef wasn’t there then he could eat whatever he wanted as long as he used the app. How does that appeal to the masses? I don’t have a chef nor do I eat out.
    How many videos are there? The one you shared was fairly long yet still incomplete. I think it would do better if they had quicker videos.

    1. Hey Kevin,
      I agree with you about having a personal chef isn’t exactly appealing to the masses. I had not thought of that, but you are right on. I also felt the story wasn’t finished because we don’t know how he did or if he stuck to the plan. I did find out he lost 20 pounds, but that was before the campaign started. How did he do after that? I only say the one video shared on his Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube. And, I didn’t really see any reference after the initial post. Not much of a campaign–bit blast and no follow up.

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