Dara Howell #LikeAGirl Always Campaign: Reverse Engineer a Social Media Post

Reverse Engineer a Social Media Post: Always #LikeAGirl Campaign featuring Dara Howell

My BYUI COMM 315 assignment was to Reverse Engineer, or take apart a campaign, and determine how it was designed, so that I can enhance or duplicate it.

What is the main purpose of the ad?

The purpose of Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign is to drive brand awareness among girls and young women, and influence them to think of Always as the brand they can count on for feminine hygiene needs.

What are the ad’s strengths?

There are several strengths to this ad:

1) they used a strong young woman, Olympic Gold Medalist skier Dara Howell in the ad, a positive role model for young women;

2) Howell’s celebrity and massive following on social media led to massive views;

3) the ad projects the idea that while being active (i.e. skiing) and in the public eye, Dana relies on Always—so you can too;

4) the copy, “What helped me overcome the fear of failure…” is a positive message for young women, and it has a subtle message of “Don’t worry about protection, Always is there for you”;

5) the #LikeAGirl became very successful for the brand and has spawned additional videos and photos featuring Howell and other young women;

6) the ad itself also ran “click here for more” that led you to more Always ads and information;

7) the brand name is visible at all times while the video runs so you cannot forget the name Always.

What are the ad’s weaknesses?

Initially, I listed two negatives: I questioned whether the product was overshadowed by the skiing, and that #LikeAGirl was not tied firmly back to the brand Always. Then I did more searches and discovered this campaign began in 2014, with a video about stereotype labels of girls and seeing them as strong, capable and fierce. The campaign using Howell in 2018 is the brands’ continuation of these ideals. Howell’s ads are multi-tiered, with additional videos and photographs. The earlier spots won an Emmy, which brought additional recognition.

Help me out here—what do you see as the negatives?

What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?

Designing the ads to have a video component that has a banner of the product name on the bottom right corner, keeps consumers’ eyes viewing the product name for several seconds. The positive words written across the images reinforce the positive and powerful message of #LikeAGirl, which subtly makes users tie “power” and “strong” to the brand.

What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful?

Since viewing the ad builds brand awareness, the most important metric is number of views.

This particular video ad was posted on January 18, 2018, and ran only on Facebook. To date it has over 142,000 views. Liking the video is not as important as seeing it, thus the 91 likes are not as critical in determining success.

Dara Howell #LikeAGirl Always campaign
Dara Howell #LikeAGirl Always campaign

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